GNPEC Catalog Guideline

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The following is a list of minimum requirements, per O.C.G.A 20-3-250.6 and Minimum Standards #7 and #12, to be included in an institution’s catalog or similar document provided to students. For reference, you may choose to indicate on which page each of the following requirements can be found.

A sample catalog contents page is provided on page 3 of this document. It shows how you might wish to include these requirements. This is only a sample of how you might structure a catalog. However, the information listed in each section must be provided.


Message from the President (Optional)

Generally a welcome and comments on goals of the institution for its students

About the College

  • Mission Statement
  • Rules of operation such as days/times when open, academic calendar, holiday schedule
  • Description of the facilities where instruction will occur
  • Statements that describe the various licenses and/or accreditations recognized by the Secretary of the United States Department of Education required or available for the approved program(s)
  • Listing of directors, education supervisors, and instructors with their respective qualifications

Program of Study and Course Descriptions

  • Program descriptions sufficient to enable the student to understand the scope of, sequence of and length of time to complete a course or program of study
  • Current course listings and descriptions of individual courses under each approved program
  • Description of the specific occupations for which each specialized program will prepare the student

Admissions Information

  • A description of an orientation program that acquaints new students with policies, functions and personnel of the institution
  • Program entrance requirements

Academic Information

  • Grading policy
  • Policies on attendance requirements, make-up work, academic probation or dismissal, delay or delinquency in meeting course requirements and standards of satisfactory academic progress
  • Guidelines for transfer of credit to and from the institution, credit by examination and residency requirements, and disclosure regarding the transfer of credits to outside institutions

Financial Information

  • Tuition and fees
  • Description of all charges and/or fees that may be incurred by the student for each approved program
  • Description of financial aid services and/or GNPEC approved scholarship availability if offered

Student Information                                    

  • A policy regarding readmission of students dismissed or suspended for academic reasons
  • Complaint/Grievance procedure (institutional and GNPEC contact information [address, phone number, website] should a satisfactory resolution not be reached on the institutional level)
  • A conduct policy which includes a statement on conditions for the dismissal and reentrance of students who violate such policy>
  • Description of the cancellation and refund policy in accordance with the GNPEC approved refund policy
  • Explanation regarding requirements for graduation and procedures for obtaining grades and transcripts
  • Description of employment assistance provided to graduates
  • Description of Learning Resource System


Example Catalog Table of Contents

Table of Contents

04 Message from the President

05 About the College

• Mission Statement •History •Accreditation, Licensure, and Approvals •Institutional Affiliations •Campus

09 Program of Study and Course Descriptions

15 Admissions Information

• International Students • Re-entering Students • Assessment for Academic Placement • College Policies • Non-Discrimination

18 Academic Information

• Unit of Credit • Academic Calendar • Enrollment Status • Transfer of Credit to the College • Transfer of Credit to Other Schools • Attendance • Academic Honors • Grading System • Application of Grades and Credits • Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress • CGPA Requirements • Rate of Progress Toward Completion Requirements •  Maximum Time in Which to Complete • Warning and Probation • Appeal • Reinstatment • Graduation Requirements • Residency Requirement

27 Financial Information

• Financial Assistance • How to Apply • Financial Aid Programs • Cancellation • Refund Policy • Return of Title IV Funds • Withdrawal Date

32 Student Information

• Career Services • Health Services • Academic Assistance • Faculty • Housing • Library • Hours of Operation • Student Orientation • Course Schedules • Student Portal • Student Handbook • Changes • Conduct Policy • Campus Security • Drug-Free Environment • Grievance Policy • Reasonable Accommodations Policy – Individuals with Disabilities • Unlawful Harassment Policy • Student Records Access and Release • Statement of Legal Control


• Academic Calendar • Tuition and Fees • Staff and Faculty