GNPEC Catalog Guideline

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The following is a list of minimum requirements to be included in an institution’s catalog or similar document provided to students.  For reference, you may choose to indicate on which page each can be found.

A sample catalog contents page is provided at the bottom of the page. It shows how you might wish to include these requirements. This is only a sample of how you might structure a catalog. However, the information listed in each section must be provided.


Message from the President (Optional)

      Generally a welcome and comments on goals of the institution for its students

About the College

  • Rules of operation such as days/times when open, holiday schedule
  • Description of the facilities where instruction will occur
  • Statements that describe the various licenses and/or accreditations recognized by the Secretary of the United States Department of Education required or available for the approved program(s)
  • Listing of directors, education supervisors, and instructors with their respective qualifications

Program of Study and Course Descriptions

  • Program descriptions sufficient to enable the student to understand the scope of, sequence of and length of time to complete a course or program of study
  • Current course listings and descriptions of individual courses under each approved program
  • Description of the specific occupations for which each specialized program will prepare the student

Admissions Information

  • A description of an orientation program that acquaints new students with policies, functions and personnel of the institution
  • Program objectives that include entrance requirements, grading systems, length of the course or program of study, absence policies, make-up work policies, re-entrance conditions, and transfer of credit to other institutions

Academic Information

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Academic Calendar
  • Grading policy
  • Policies on attendance requirements, make-up work, academic probation or dismissal, delay or delinquency in meeting course requirements and standards of satisfactory academic progress
  • Guidelines for transfer of credit to and from the institution, credit by examination and residency requirements, and disclosure regarding the transfer of credits to outside institutions

Financial Information

  • Description of all charges and/or fees that may be incurred by the student for each approved program-
  • Complaint/Grievance procedure (institutional and GNPEC contact information [address, phone number, website] should a satisfactory resolution not be reached on the institutional level)
  • Descriptions of financial aid services and/or GNPEC approved scholarship availability if offered

Student Information                                    

  • A policy regarding readmission of students dismissed or suspended for academic reasons
  • A conduct policy which includes a statement on conditions for the dismissal and reentrance of students who violate such policy
  • Description of the cancellation and refund policy in accordance with the GNPEC approved refund policy
  • Explanation regarding requirements for graduation and procedures for obtaining grades and transcripts
  • Description of employment assistance provided to graduates
  • Description of Learning Resource System


Example Catalog Table of Contents

Table of Contents

04 Message from the President

05 About the College

• Mission Statement •History Accreditation, Licensure, and Approvals •Institutional Affiliations •Campus

09 Program of Study and Course Descriptions

15 Admissions Information

• International Students • Re-entering Students • Assessment for Academic Placement • College Policies • Non-Discrimination

18 Academic Information

• Unit of Credit • Academic Calendar • Enrollment Status • Transfer of Credit to the College • Transfer of Credit to Other Schools • Attendance • Academic Honors • Grading System • Application of Grades and Credits • Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress • CGPA Requirements • Rate of Progress Toward Completion Requirements •  Maximum Time in Which to Complete • Warning and Probation • Appeal • Reinstatment • Graduation Requirements • Residency Requirement

27 Financial Information

• Financial Assistance • How to Apply • Financial Aid Programs • Cancellation • Refund Policy • Return of Title IV Funds • Withdrawal Date

32 Student Information

• Career Services • Health Services • Academic Assistance • Faculty • Housing • Library • Hours of Operation • Student Orientation • Course Schedules • Student Portal • Student Handbook • Changes • Conduct Policy • Campus Security • Drug-Free Environment • Grievance Policy • Reasonable Accommodations Policy – Individuals with Disabilities • Unlawful Harassment Policy • Student Records Access and Release • Statement of Legal Control


• Academic Calendar • Tuition and Fees • Staff and Faculty