GNPEC Site Visit Guidelines

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The following items, derived from the GNPEC Minimum Standards, are evaluated during a GNPEC site visit for an authorized institution. Should an area be in need of modification or comment, the Standards Administrator will provide instructions either during the site visit or in the follow-up site visit summary.

  1. Educational Program-Curriculum/Admissions (Minimum Standard Two)
    1. Number of currently enrolled students for all authorized programs #_____
    2. The certificate-granting institution demonstrates that lesson plans are available for each course taught in a program of study
    3. Evidence that appropriate exit criteria have been established for determining successful completion of course work (i.e. exams, assignments per the syllabus or course equivalence, etc.)
    4. Evidence that instructional materials pertinent to the course offerings, such as textbooks, resource materials, and equipment exist.
  2. Faculty (Minimum Standard Three)
    1. Number of full-time faculty employed at the institution #______
    2. Number of part-time faculty employed at the institution #______
  3. Faculty Records (Minimum Standard Three)
    1. Documentation of each faculty member’s credentials (education/training)
    2. Documentation of employment status of each faculty member (ex. contract/agreement)
    3. Documentation of institutional orientation for each faculty member (ex. signed handbook, signed agenda)
  4. Physical facilities (Minimum Standard Four) The following items must be present at the facility:
    1. Adequate space for instructional and non-instructional areas
    2. Proper lighting and HVAC equipped facilities
    3. Protocol to ensure safety is maintained (campus security)
    4. Restrooms, offices, lounges, storage and maintenance rooms
    5. Emergency medical equipment (first aid supplies) with instructions
    6. Posted complaint procedure (on at least 8.5 x 11 size paper with 18 size font)
    7. Posted current Certificate of Authorization
    8. Student records stored in a two hour fireproof vault or a second copy is stored offsite and/or in electronic form
  5. Learning Resource System (LRS) (Minimum Standard Five)
    1. LRS (libraries, texts, electronic resources, laboratories, computers, internet access, research databases, any materials that support a student’s educational experience) is easily and readily accessible to students and faculty at all times
    2. LRS materials are appropriate to the courses of study and their respective educational levels
    3. LRS is managed by a qualified person who orients, trains, and assists students and faculty in its usage (documented in personnel file)
  6. Self-Assessment and Quality Improvement (Minimum Standard Six)
    1. Written plan to determine the effectiveness of the institution and each program is available for review
    2. Evidence of periodic evaluations to determine long-range and general effects of instruction (ex. surveys, graduation rate, placement information) are available for review
  7. Student Records (Minimum Standard Seven)
    1. Documentation of each student’s high school completion or equivalent
    2. Documentation of each student’s signed Enrollment Agreement or equivalent
    3. Documentation of each student’s academic records, including grades and attendance
    4. Documentation of each student’s financial records, including source(s) of payments, charges posted, credits posted, and balance
    5. Documentation of each student’s program completion or withdrawal, if applicable
  8. Complaint Procedure (Minimum Standard Ten)
    1. Documentation of submitted complaints and resolutions that are in line with the institution’s published complaint procedure
  9. Placement (Minimum Standard Eleven)
    1. Institution maintains extensive ongoing employer contact list for students within the career field of education/training
    2. Institution maintains placement records for each graduate for at least one year
    3. Institution has established procedures for placement assistance such as resume preparation, interview skills, job searches, etc.